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A Glasshouse of Stars
A Glasshouse of Stars
4 390 Ft

A Glasshouse of Stars

A Glasshouse of Stars is a powerful story based on the author's childhood experience of migration and beautifully illustrates the importance of friendship, kindness and love. This teaching pack aimed at 8+/KS2+ readers explores some of the important themes within the book such as bullying, grief, fears and anxiety, imagination, and communication.

“Heart-twisting and hopeful, bursting with big feelings and gentle magic.” - A moving coming-of-age story about one girl’s bravery and imagination in the face of the unknown. 

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4 390 Ft

Meixing Lim and her family have arrived in the New Land to begin a New Life. Everything is scary and different. Their ever-changing house is confusing and she finds it hard to understand the other children at school. Yet in her magical glasshouse, with a strange black-and-white cat, Meixing finds a place to dream.

But then Meixing's life comes crashing down in unimaginable ways. Only her two new and unexpected friends can help. By being brave together, they will learn how to make the stars shine brighter.

Életkor: 9+

Oldalszám: 272 oldal
Méret: 200x143mm
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