Girls Behind the Camera

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Discover the extraordinary lives of the inspiring girls who have lived throughout history at 6 Chelsea Walk.

Cecily is enchanted when she meets photographer Rosalind, and soon longs to learn more about this “art of the future” and become a famous photographer herself. Believing Rosalind to be the perfect match for her widowed father, Cecily conspires to unite the pair, but her father’s friend keeps spoiling her plans. Will Cecily’s dreams ever come true?

This book was previously published as "Historical House: Cecily's Portrait".

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2019.06.07 00:00
 - John Smith
John Smith
2019.06.07 00:00
Megannyi aranyos kis történet található a könyvben! Picik számára nagyon érdekesen mesél, és az illusztrációk is csodásak!