Noisy Animals

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A simple story with sound effects following a busy (and noisy!) morning at Apple Tree Farm. Young children will love pressing the sound buttons at the correct moments in the story to make Curly grunt, Rusty bark, Pippin neigh and many more. The sound chips are encased in a sturdy, easy-to-press panel on the right-hand side of the book. Robust tabs along the top of the pages enable children to find their favourite scenes quickly. Delightfully illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.
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2019.06.09 00:00
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2019.06.09 00:00
Kislányom nagyon szereti nyomkodni. Kicsiknek is ajánlom, hiszen az állathangok őket is lekötik.Sok állat neve megtanulható és hogy mit mondanak. Nagymamák, akik nem tudnak angolul is szívesen használják!